Racing Castor (Premix/Injector) - Gallon

Racing Castor (Premix/Injector) - Gallon
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Dumonde Tech Racing Castor is a modern oil based on traditionally proven castors. It is blended on the purest De-Gummed Ricinus Castor and performance oriented additives. Dumonde Tech Racing Castor is a demiurgic castor formula technologically designed to provide superior lubrication for two cycle engines with less castor build up.

  • Excellent for engines which are 50cc to125cc which consistently turn at high rpm’s and air cooled engines.
  • Also for engines which have a history of seizure or heat problems mixes with most gasoline, alcohols and nitros.
  • *All brands of castors manufactured may drop out of fuels when temperatures reach below 50 Deg.  F
  • Mix Ratios: 16:1 to 70:1 average ratio 32:1
  • Availability: Pints and Gallons.
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