DTP Synthetic Racing Oil - Gallon

DTP Synthetic Racing Oil - Gallon
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Dumonde Tech DTP Synthetic Racing Oil is a neoteric oil. Engineered with technical molecular compounds to provide the highest possible lubrication while maintaining fuel value in racing and recreational vehicles using a premix oil system. Dumonde Tech DTP is most definitely the “state of the art lubrication” which pushes the technology envelope further than any other oil in the world!

  • Increased Horsepower
  • Better throttle response
  • No plug fouling
  • No power value sticking
  • Mixes with all fuels
  • Exceptionally clean burn which reduces pollution.
  • Mix Ratios: 32:1 TO 50:1 Average usage ratio 40:1.
  • *Enriching of carburation is usually required.
  • Availability: Pints, 1/2 Gallons and Gallons
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